Sunday, 7 November 2010

Big horns buddy...

Just a little "demon type creature" that I've sketched last week while pitching on a new movie for Double Negative. This sketch has absolutely nothing to do with the movie though...
I guess it's easy to get sidetracked :)
You might have noticed that the dark demon version is very painful to the eyes because of the white background but he's a demon after all, he's not meant to be nice with us poor humans with our weak little eyes.


Sam Rowan said...

you were in my dream last night philippe.
Don't worry we were not fighting to the death this time. Phil was there too he was angry at me for some reason. hahaha thing dont change.

nice demon

Philippe Gaulier said...

Hey Sam, nice to hear from you.
I thought you'd been eaten by a sheep or something.
Phil is still angry and next time I'll see you in a dream I'll give you a big hug :)
Let me know when you are visiting us in London.

Cinéfeeling said...

Brrr Tout est dans les yeux, tu l'as dit :D

Nice too ! Ca pourrait etre un chouette design pour une créature démoniaque:)