Sunday, 16 March 2008

In a zombie mood...

Have seen recently the latest Romero: a bit disappointing but enjoyable to watch despite the cheesy moments and sometimes lame dialogues.  probably more of a fan based movie than something which is gonna revolutionize the genre... anyway, it did put me in a zombie mood :)
Andre if you read these lines, I am looking forward to read your comic book ;)

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Dom Vincenzo sent me... know why I am here don't you?

J... Johnny, is that you?

Yuko + Laptop on a saturday morning in London...

My little Yuko checking out some japanese cooking blogs: in Japan, blogs are more popular and mainstream than anywhere else in the world and on these cooking blogs, a few of these amateur chefs have already published a book. Another guy had his life (blogged with force details) made into a TV drama. Oh my god, I sound like a tourist guide...

Helen at work...

Young Helen is jumping on us and starts biting if we don't respect the schedules so I thought she deserved that  :)

Sam goes swimming

Went swimming the other day with Sam and Phil during our lunch break from MPC. I recommend it, really nice to go for a swim and a sauna before going back to the dark computer room. And Sam, don't complain about the thong, I've maid you more musclely and got rid of your belly. 
You're a very good swimmer though,  I'll give you that.

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

In the jungle baby!

I've got the bad habit of drawing on my notepad and couldn`t be bothered about getting rid of the lines. Any notepad full of Maya/BodyPaint/Z-brush etc pipeline related technical stuff should always include a few sketches to ease the pain.

A few colored sketches.

Homage to Spaceman Spiff

Had a lot of fun doing that :)

It`s raining, I`m sketching...

Doodles doodles...

Sketches inspired by a very cool book called `FRUITS`.

and again...

Mr Shark`s ass crack dance

and another one...

Mr Shark again...

Hi guys, this is Mr Shark (noooooooo! really!? his name is Mr Shark?!!!).
He used to be the baddest dude in town, eating grannies and babies, but one day, after he has been saved by a goldfish from a certain death, he decided to fight for justice.
Following that, he tattooed the goldfish on his back (by himself, which is rather difficult) as a constant reminder of the path he had choosen... Let me tell you about the days of HIGH Adventure!!

Mr Shark (Pencil)